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Hi Ellen, i'm a little french that send you the bigger "heppy birthday" ever, I wish you a besutiful day, celebrate this well with your friend and family blushing
I am your biggest french fan, I realLy hope you'll see my message kiss
Love u, Max heart
Max from Evian, France
Wishing you the best belated birthday wish ever. You are such an incredible human being and have so many gifts and positive attributes that you are making such a positive impact on society. May you have countless more birthdays and keep up the fantastic work you do for society. You're a wonderful human.
Joel Golden from Los Angeles, CA (Mission Viejo, CA), United States
Happy Birthday and a successful new Year, dear Ellen Page.
Finn Wrage from Niedenstein, Germany
happy birthday Ellen smile
Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States
Hey swettie, happy birthday! I wish you the best, I really want to thank you for all the support and good vibes you always give to us. Inspiring people seems to be one of your best attributes, you're an idol for me. You deserve all the respect, hugs and true love. Hope you're enjoying your day. blossomblossombouquetcake
Happy Birthday, Ellen! I just wanna say thank you. You are so wonderful and talented person and actually you are my hero. You will always inspire me. And I can't imagine my life without you. Thank you so much. Russia loves you, honey. popper
Yulia from Dmitrov, Russia
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN !!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH , REMEMBER THAT !!! I hope to meet you in person someday heart blushing lip mark popper heart cake popper smile big
Sandra Carrera from Saarland, Germany
Happy Birthday , Ellen! smile I wish you evolving career , more fun from your job , more fans , more great roles and awards! inlove
You are amazing actress , i admire you so much and you're my inspiration. 'Juno' and 'Whip it' are one of my favourite movies! I'm gonna watch 'Freeheld' today.
I hope u spend awesome lovely time on your birthday! Happy Birthday and take care! kiss popper cake
Matt Jazz from Szczecin , Poland
Happy birthday Ellen! You're the best actress! Hello from Russia! popper
Vladimir from Yekaterinburg, Russia
Happy birthday Ellen!
Recently, I watched 'Juno', 'Whip it' , ' Smart People' and 'Freeheld' and I think you're amazing actress. I'm looking forward to watching 'Into the forest' and 'Talluah'. You are so amazing and talented. I hope you spend a great time on your birthday.

with love
Hyun Jeongheart
Hyun Jeong from Seoul, Korea, South
Happy birthday Ellen!!! cakepopper You are my inspiration and I admire you so much. Thank you for everything you have done. You are my hero Ellen. Have a wonderful day with your loved ones. Be happy and well always. Love you heartkiss
Catherine from Medan, Indonesia
Impressive actress, smart girl ! 29 kisses.. X PS. When in Belgium, say hi ... smile thumbs up
Piet Sonck from Ghent, Belgium
Dear Ellen,

I wish you a great Bday!! cake
So many beautiful and true things have been said, I don't know what to add! You're amazing and you mean a lot to so many people around the world! Thank you for everything! You deserve the best day 'cause you're the best. Keep being awesome wink. We love and support you, and wish you the best for the future. We're glad you've been involved in many projects lately and I know it won't stop!
Please, come back in France soon. It would be an honor to talk to you.

Happy birthday, have fun and take care! kiss

Aur from Fontainebleau, France
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!
Eero from P, Estonia
Happy birthday Ellen hope u have an amazing day! Love u so much
Lauta from Madrid, Spain
Happy Birthday!! Have a fab day Ellen, take it eeeasy smile big xx
Kye from England, United Kingdom
I wish a very happy 29th Birthday to you, Ms. Page. May it be filled with happiness from your friends, your adorable dog and the ones closest to you. Forget about the never-ending problems of Life for one day and just enjoy yourself.

You deserve it. smile cake
Cody Stier from Somewhere in the Sunshine State, United States
Happy Birthay, lovely Ellen smile

I wish you always happyness and good luck for all your future projects (as an actress, producer, director, host), creative ideas and a good time with girlfriend, friends and family. Stay healthy and couraged. Thank you for your LGBT-support and being a good human being and idol in this world smile

All the best
Elisa Mildner from Cottbus, Germany
'Discovered' you in "ReGenesis" and since have come to admire and respect a talent far beyond your 29 years. It fills my heart to now know you are living your own life, the embodiment of who YOU are, and are able to share its joy with another. Take Care.
Gary Hart from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Happy Birthday Ellen!! Who's going to be 29 Today!!! So much love!!
Saif Zaman from Muscat, Oman
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